Granit WBA 100 Ground & Wall Anchor Bike


WBA 100

No, it's not a bike lock per se. But it is the the best means of securing your bike or motorcycle inside your home or garage or even on an outside deck. For anybody who has had a bike stolen out of their city apartment or garage you know that sometimes keeping a bike inside is not enough.

The Granit WBA 100 enables you to securely lock your two wheeled ride of choice inside. Once installed this floor anchor is incredibly secure and can be mounted to the floor, ground or even the wall and used in conjunction with your favorite ABUS lock.

USA MSRP: $129.99

Attach securely? Of course! But where? Many locks make it possible to attach a bike to a fixed point, to provide better protection against theft. Unfortunately, there are not always strong objects available to which they can be attached. ABUS offers various anchoring solutions that provide a very strong fixing on the floor or wall of your property. These high-quality security solutions provide a point of attachment that is just as strong as the lock itself.