Bordo Granit XPlus Big 6500 (3.6')


Bordo Granit XPlus Big 6500

Introducing the Bordo Granit XPlus Big 6500. The lock has the security of the Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 in a longer 110cm length; perfect for cargo bikes, e-bikes and fat bikes. With an ABUS security rating of 15 out of 15, this lock features temper hardened steel bars encased in an extra soft coating to protect your bike's paint job. The ABUS Link Protection Shield offers high protection from sawing of the links. The lock body, links and supporting elements of the locking system use the same high quality steel you'll find in the bars.

USA MSRP: $199.99

    The patented XPlus Key cylinder offers extremely high protection from picking and it can be keyed alike with other ABUS locks featuring the same XPlus cylinder - very convenient for multi-lock and multi-bike households.

    Like all locks in the Bordo family, the 6500 is simple to carry. The rattle free lock carrying case attaches easily to the frame via a nylon strapping system.

    • 5.5mm steel bars
    • Bars, links, and lock body are made of special hardened steel
    • Soft-touch coating on the bars and matching silicone lock body cover protects bike's paint job
    • ABUS XPlus Cylinder offers extremely high protection against picking
    • Two keys supplied with the lock, one LED lighted
    • ABUS Code Card for ordering additional or replacement keys
    • Compact, versatile folding technology offers greater range of locking options


    • Mechanism Type: Key
    • Diameter: 5.5 mm
    • Shackle Shape: None
    • Length: 110 cm
    • Cylinder Type: x-plus
    • Cylinder Batch: a
    • Master Key
    • 2 keys are supplied with the lock
    • 1 lighted keys are supplied with the lock
    • Key Code Card
    • Net Weight : 2140 g

    With the Bordo, ABUS has revolutionised the bicycle lock and established an entirely new type of lock – the folding lock. The bike locks of the Bordo family offer features that have not been provided by any other design to date. Light-weight flexibility in a compact design. These features are shared by all of the various folding locks in the extensive Bordo family. From the high security Bordo X Plus, through the classic Bordo, to the ultra-light Bordo Lite model. The variety is underlined by the numerous colours available and the different locking systems. And with the stylish carrying bag, a transport solution for the folding lock is included in the price.