ABUS XPlus Key Ordering Information

ABUS XPlus Key

  • ABUS XPlus keys have up to 8 digit codes always preceded with an X
  • You can find the key code only on the card or tag that came with your lock
  • Numbers are 1 through 6 only
  • XPlus keys are mostly used in Bordo 6500, 54, 540 & 58, 59 Extreme U-locks, 59 Extreme chains, 1060 Chains, 8077 Detecto & 68 & 69 Disc Locks and other high end ABUS Locks
Key Code :
MUST enter ALL letters and digits from key: eg. X1144177
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Shipping :
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Upload Photo of key
Key Photo - Position #1
View #1:

Place the key on its side with the tip of the key pointing to the right. Photograph the key on a plain background that allows the viewer to see the detail in key cuts.

Key Photo - Position #2
View #2:

After taking photo #1, flip the key over and photograph the other side of the key, again making sure that the cuts are visible.


Key codes are NEVER on the lock or associated with any numbers that may be found on the lock.