ABUS strives to conduct more testing on our products than any other company, as part of our commitment to producing the highest quality locks on the market. We subject our raw materials, components and finished products to the most rigorous testing before it can earn our world renowned brand quality rating.

  • Raw materials upon their arrival at our factories
  • Modified, changed and produced parts after treatment
  • Parts and materials for variances and quality standards
  • Functionality within and during production
  • Locks: during production for exact and proper variance
  • Key Cylinders: multiple times before, in and after production

We routinely test and break our locks to test for quality assurance by:

  • Freezing locks to -40℉ to simulate the coldest weather and ice spray attacks
  • Re-enacting the toughest twisting, pulling, hammer, and cutting attacks
  • Testing for longevity and corrosion resistance by placing locks in highly corrosive atmospheres such as salt and steam water baths
  • Testing brackets on shaking and rattling machines for over 300 hours
  • Our locks are tested and certified by insurance institutes worldwide